For Providers

How does 360 Ribbon support 360 TeleWise Calls?

As 360 Ribbon is mostly used by Physicians, we have integrated our 360 TeleWise portal with 360 Ribbon. With this integration, the Physician may either directly get a call alert on 360 Ribbon, initiated by their Practice Staff from 360 TeleWise portal, or they can themself start the call from 360 Ribbon Practice Dashboard with [...]

Will I need to use 360 TeleWise portal for connecting with patients?

Yes, you will need to use 360 TeleWise portal for registering, scheduling and initiating the telehealth call. The audio-video console will open in 360 Ribbon or in 360 TeleWise portal. If you are using 360 Ribbon and are logged in, you will receive a call alert on your 360 Ribbon, when your Practice Staff starts [...]

How will my patients connect with me for a scheduled appointment?

Your patients can connect via 360 TeleWise patient web portal using a PC/Laptop or 360 PatientTouch mobile application using a smartphone or tablet. In either case we will send the patient a URL or an OTP (One Time Password) for the respective methods via Email / SMS, which they can easily use to connect with [...]

Can I provide care to all my patients including urgent care using 360 TeleWise platform?

Yes, you can provide telehealth services to all your patients which include Fee for Value and Fee for Service (FFS) patients using our 360 TeleWise portal by scheduling their appointments. In the future releases, we will allow new patients to automatically schedule Telehealth appointments directly by providing their information. The insurance information will have to [...]

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