Wiseman Innovations is a healthcare technology company at the forefront of innovation solving hard problems in healthcare from analytics, connected care challenges to design challenge areas. We started off in 2013 as an inhouse solutions provider to Premier PPHC, an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) to solve the connected care and predictive insights challenge for the value based care industry. Getting patient data across disintegrated data systems, analyzing it to find drivers of change and then driving that change was being done manually and required automating systems and then closing the feedback loop to align resources and time where it created maximum impact. We created a population health analytics platform to solve this key challenge which includes a 360 Deep Learn analytics platform, 360 Ribbon which is an EMR agnostic overlay on top of EMR providing key insights, Care Management solutions, Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth Platforms.

Our solutions spectrum started off solving the predictive insights problems and once we realized that maintaining continuity of care across non-clinical settings was the next hard problem to solve. Patients spend most of their time in their homes and getting data feed from these non-clinical settings is the missing piece of the puzzle. As a result, now, we are moving across to other solutions spectrum which interface devices, equipment, software, analytics, IoT, VR and other areas. We are founded by a group of doctors, diverse range of engineers, clinicians and other professionals.

We are now working to solve other hard problems including robotics assisted transfer devices, rehabilitative robotics, in-home medical devices and equipment and others challenging aspects of connected care including remote patient monitoring. We have a diverse set of engineering skills including software, computer science, mechanical design, IoT engineers and are actively onboarding new skills. We are striving to be the 3M of the healthcare industry to be able to offer innovative solutions across all spaces in healthcare.